Thursday, 5 February 2009

Anna Garforth creates Urban Galleries of Earthy Delights

Central Saint Martins graduate Anna Garforth is putting a degree in Graphic Design to sustainable use, by creating some beautiful and inspirational projects with a green thumbed creative touch.

Employing all things leafy and grassy, Head Gardener, a self-initiated project utilising recycled milk bottles as plant containers has been displayed around urban areas which need a bit of earthy decoration.

Something of a horticultural wizard, Anna has been growing moss for years. Taking inspiration from guerilla gardening tactics and the work of land artist Andy Goldsworthy, Anna’s current series, a collaboration with friend and poet Eleanor Stevens, explores street art and public space under the clever title ‘Mossinger’. Fixing Moss to walls using biodegradable materials, once in place these letters become verses of a poem. "In this spore borne air" is followed by "watch your skin peel," where the textures of cracked concrete walls and lush green plant life combine to form an ethereal and evolving work. The series will encompass four quotes peppered around central London, writing the cityscape green.

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