Tuesday, 17 February 2009

One's to watch: Lucky Pdf

Deep in South London lies an Artist led project, promoting the work of local artists through dynamic exhibitions, film screenings and events. They have found their current home nestled in the Peckham UNITY centre, in the heart of Peckham High Street. The third in their series of exhibitions features sculptor Molly Smyth in the show titled 'Delays Not Colours'. 

'Molly's forms cite their origin as the indeterminate spaces of the city and the structures and constructions that fill them. It is in the gaps between streets and buildings that our interactions with the the city take place, a space we share with parked cars, building sites, skips and scaffolding. This show indends a display of her sculpture that will create fluctuations between obscurity and signals, violence and recovery.

Delays Not Colours is the attempt to make the presence within these works available and tangible to the viewer, when something about the sculptures' mutual future is on the point of being decided, and there is recognition of irreparable damage underway.' (Text from Luckypdf.com)

Previous shows include rich visual displays and interactive computer games from James Early and cosmic installations from Daniel Woolhouse(danielwoolhouse.com) The guys at Lucky Pdf are a non for profit organisation that host an array of  party's and nights to raise the funds for their shows. From folk music to monthly club night 'Night Fever'. Keep an eye out for their next endeavour. www.luckypdf.com

Written by Chloe

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