Tuesday, 1 September 2009

SECRET CINEMA: Tell no one

By Millie Findlay

Prepare to dive headfirst into a unique cinematic experience, where the film comes to life around you. Secret Cinema is going outdoors for its biggest screening ever- just don’t ask where.

clockwise from top left: A Night at The Opera, Ghostbusters, Funny Face, The Harder They Come (Click any image to enlarge it)
If you like your cinema outings out of the ordinary, SECRET CINEMA is as exraordinary as it gets. Guests receive a mystery email invitation to a location, and upon arrival are greeted by sights, smells and sounds straight out of the chosen film. The catch is: no one knows what the film is. That is, until it starts. In the meantime audience members have fun deciphering the clues as they queue and enjoy the atmosphere.

At the last secret screening guests were transported to Jamaica for a screening of Jimmy Cliff’s reggae classic The Harder They Come. Celebrating in true Jamaican carnival style with reggae music, dancing and performance artists, before going into the newly transformed Coronet Theatre to watch the film. Other clandestine screenings have seen live rescores, installation artists, live musicians and performers. Locations can range from derelict theatres to city rooftops; Funny Face at the Royal Academy of Arts and Gus Van Saint’s Paranoid Park in a disused railway tunnel in south London.

This time around, all guests are being told is to come prepared to participate in a kaleidoscopic journey to the theme of an American cult classic. Can you guess what it is yet?

Just remember- tell no one (it’s a secret).

More info here.

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