Tuesday, 1 September 2009

South London People Map

By Millie Ross
jotta has increasingly been drawn south of the river to marvel at the ascending stars of the young South London art scene. Forming collectives, curating exhibitions, going guerilla on unused spaces and taking 150 people to Venice Biennale, their community and productivity are a breath of fresh air in a city where the big-wig galleries had begun to bore.

Map drawn and designed by Barbara Ward (Click any image to enlarge it)

While the majority of the young artists have come out of colleges such as Camberwell College of Arts, London College of Communication and Goldsmiths, joining the dots between the growing number of collectives and galleries has become overwhelming, so jotta got the lowdown from Oliver Hogan, co-founder of LuckyPDF, Tom Harrad, co-founder of Off Modern (who's South East in the East opens tonight!), on where everyone fits and mapped out the connections.

To download a larger version of the South London People Map click here

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