Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rise of the Interns

How many internships, placements and Starbucks runs must a creative graduate endure before they receive this mythical offering some call a wage? This Saturday the Creative Jobs Survival Fair debunks the falsehoods of the creative internship!

It is a well known but little discussed fact that the so-called 'creative industries' are supported by a cadre of free and precariously employed labourers. As the sector becomes increasingly engrained in for-profit endeavors, workers continue to be strung along by old myths and false promises.

Including but also expanding on the notion of worker's rights, The Carrot Worker's Collective offers a performative investigation into the inter-connections between free labour, precarity in the cultural sector and new policies developing around the creative industries.

Staged as a 'Creative Jobs Survival Fair', research will be presented and developed through a series of interactive booths, including opportunity to make your own, 'Tell It Like it Is' anonymous video testimonials, have your fortune read in relation to the future of creative industries policies in the UK, listen to hourly motivational speeches, and construct your own 'Ideal Type' for creative employment.

The Carrot Workers Collective is a London-based group of current or ex interns, researchers, precarious and full time employees in London's cultural sector. Their research and projects around voluntary work, internship, job placements and compulsory free work seeks to understand the impact these roles have on material conditions of existence, life expectations and sense of self, together with their implications in relation to education, life long training, exploitation, and class interest.

Look out for the Carrot Workers 'Survival Guide for Interns' in London's cultural industries.

A Creative Jobs Survival Fair 9 May, 2009. 1-5 PM
Open to anyone. Free of charge
Christie's Education London, 153 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 5BD

By Millie Ross

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