Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tales from the Electric Forest

This Thursday Blackapple and Cactus productions bring a host of artists together, taking up residence in the creepy Crypt Gallery, to shine a light on society’s obsession with mythical creatures of the city’s underworld.

Tales From The Electric Forest exposes how, as humans have migrated to urban environments, they have packed with them age-old folk tales and fears of the unknown, spawning urban myths and new mutated outcasts.

The imagery of such misfits frequents popular culture in many forms. They seem to represent the fallout from the city’s façade of beauty and prosperity, dwelling in abandoned factories, derelict houses and sewers. Think Tim Burton’s Penguin Man in Batman Returns, or that creepy guy who lurks in corners in Mullholland Drive.

Comprising work by 15 UK artists and situated in the appropriately chilling Crypt Gallery in Kings Cross, the show aims to illustrate the fears and aspirations of the early 21st century and compare them to those of bygone days.

On until May 30th, there is still time to escape the dazzling lights of London and confront the city’s real wilderness.

by Esther Bradley

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