Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Takeaway Festival of DIY Media

Electric jellyfish and robotic choirs, just some of the toys and tricks presented in a fusion of art and science, as the Takeaway Festival of DIY media lands at the Science Museum for the fourth year running.

The 2 week long event will see a series of performances, talks and workshops where, with help from art nerds and super geeks, participants can make their own electronic devices and fun software to take home. Until May 30th visitors are welcome to experiment with the festival’s commissioned interactive installations, and maybe release the geeky computer kid that hides in us all.

Hidden in various rooms and corners of the Dana Centre, each object and temporary environment is structured around Radio Frequency Identification. The festival aims to challenge the conventional use of RFID’s in Oyster cards designed, in some may say, an Orwellian effort to track our every thought and action.

30 artists and computer wizards fulfilled a brief to break down this technology and create exciting interactive play things. When merged with a little creative vision and set design, the results can provide hours of entertainment as each movement triggers a switch that makes fun stuff happen. Never ones to pass up playing games in the name of research, jotta got immersed in the sensory world of electric jellyfish and robotic choir singers…

Check out jotta's video of the event http://www.jotta.com/magazine/video/96/the-takeaway-diy-media-festival

By Esther Bradley

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