Tuesday, 23 June 2009

All Work And More Play

They may be all about the fun and experimentation in illustration, but Playroom collective have not been toying about. Since joining hands last September at Camberwell College of Fine Arts, the gang of illustrators, digital artists and print makers have upped their game and are playing with the big boys.
As students at Camberwell, they shared a passion and drive to create waves in the world of illustration, and a belief in the power of images to speak to all nations. They were also savvy enough to know that going it alone in the art world is far less exciting than gate-crashing it en mass.

Existing through meetings at college and social events, the team has established a co-operative ethos, promoting success in various forms for all involved.

“There is a sense of trust born out of the knowledge that as friends and colleagues, we are all undergoing the same professional development and have shared creative challenges. There is a willingness and an openness to share solutions and this dynamic inspires each member of the group in a unique way.”

A fundamentally playful and experimental atmosphere surrounds the collective and gels them together. They create their own briefs but never limit themselves to one pathway. This coupled with undeniable skill and craftmanship is what keeps the audiences and buyers coming back.

Their most significant and successful event to date was their self-titled exhibition at Dreamspace, in March 2009. Generating sales and recognition, the well-attended show has spurred on numerous future adventures for Playroom. They’ll be crossing continents later this year to exhibit in Osaka, Japan, as well as filling the wharehouse walls of the Bargehouse gallery with work by over 40 artists. Publication plans are also in place with the alternative press fair, and the MA Camberwell Degree Show takes place from July 15th to 19th.

Playroom is a model example of the human pyramid- core strength and a balance of talent. For them, collaborating breeds exchange of knowledge and a shared network of contacts, which ultimately results in an international creative platform for both individual and group work.

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By Esther Bradley

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