Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Invisible Library

We’ve all read books of fiction, but what about fictional books? There’s a world of unwritten stories alluded to in films and other mediums that until now have sat gathering dust in an alternate reality. Masters of materialising the imaginary, Ink Illustration - a London based collective founded by Chloe Regan, Rachel Gannon and Fumie Kamijo, at the Royal College of Art - have lovingly dedicated these forlorn and reader-less books a home, where once-blank pages will come to life, their unknown tales inked into existence.

Residing at The Tenderpixel Gallery from 12th of June- 12th of July, the Invisible Library opens the pages of 40 pretend books. Plots and characters are being drawn into being, infused with depth and colour-palates by visionary illustrators. Titles already created include “The Red Top Hat” —from Vladimir Nabokov's Look at the Harlequins! and “The British Twilight” —from John Wyndham's The Midwich Cuckoos.

Collaborating with literary foundation Real Fits, Ink’s month-long residency will host a programme of creative writing, music and illustration workshops. Special guests of cultural notability have been invited to write the first and last pages of the books, including Iain Sinclair (author), Peter Blegvad (musician, author) and Saci Lloyd (author), these will then be available for visitors to ‘sign out’.

Readers are encouraged to continue the line and add their own piece to the patchwork story, creating richly diverse and cathartic novels that speak volumes above the ordinary paperback. The finished articles will be exhibited again in libraries across London.

"We would love people to come down and write in the books!" exclaimed INK's Rachel Gannon, "They are filling up already with a multitude of stories, think exquisite corpse. We would prefer them to come in person, because we think that various different handwriting makes for a more visually interesting book, but where this is not possible we would be more than happy for them to email us submissions and we will write them in the books."

Now that is a happy ending.

Invisible Librarty's open events:
Workshop Wednesday June 24th with Europa graphic design collective’s book making workshop for students from Newham New Vic college.
Breaking News Launch (INK in Collaboration with Real Fits): 3 July 6-9PM

Pages in Plectrums: Curated by Kieran Leonard 8 July 6-9PM An evening of music with stong literary reference or influence performed by guest artists. Set in the chamber of the heart of London's literary arcade, acoustic swirlings and gurglings and hurlings curated by Kieran Leonard.

The Invisible Library

By Esther Bradley

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