Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Emma Rios and Dan Price: Cutters Delight

Emma Rios is a sought-after illustrator and cut-out queen. Her intricate drawings hint at dark undertones and the sets and scenes she creates are of fairy-tale proportions. Dan Price’s on-the-road photography style captures epic journeys across cultural landscapes, his camera know-how knows no limits.
Imagine what happens when these two multi-talented individuals decide to work together- a magical mash-up of illustration and occurs.

Emma, how would you describe Dan?

Dan likes challenges so he’s good to work with. When he’s working things out in his head he slaps his thighs making good drumbeats, now I keep doing it too. His photography is really beautiful, full of colour and adventure. Dan likes boys’ stuff, bikes, robots and making things out of cardboard. He’s sharp as you like, so good with ideas; he is a creative jack-of-all-trades. I am yet to find something he is not good at...mmmm sometimes he’s really late for stuff, ha ha.

Dan, how would you describe Emma?
I am always impressed by Emma's confident approach to projects, her ideas are always strong and fun and it's such a treat to watch her draw and make her elegant paper cut-outs. Above all she's super-inspiring to work with! (And she likes good music and buys me biscuits/coffee/chocolate to keep me going)

How did you end up collaborating?

Emma: We where flung together to make a book for the Royal Hospital London, I was pretty sad because I wanted to work with my friend Harry but actually Dan was so brilliant I am glad we worked together on that one.
Dan: We immediately clicked on a creative level, and friend level!

What work have you done together?
Dan: We're currently working together on a King James-themed 'make-your-own-amazing-hat-and-then-be-photographed-like-a-king' marquee for West End Live (this weekend Leicester Square!). I look forward to working with Emma again in the future.

What are your working on now individually?
Emma: My next project is top secret but it is some set design.
Dan: My next project involves riding all over the UK to photograph huge Radio masts in the middle of nowhere.

Catch Emma and Dan at the V&A on Friday 26th June where they have created the hilarious and amazing CHip CHop illustrationworkshop. An illustrative journey from the newsroom to the chip shop complete with battered verbs and vowels, ketchup glue pots, newsroom tension and our special seaside megamix, think Ian Drury, Cockney 80s and Martin Parr. Click here for more details.

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By Stephanie Grace

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