Monday, 2 March 2009

They came, they saw,they drank!

It's A Mess and Most Probably Irreversible private view, 02.03.09


A good portion of London's art afficiandos descended on jotta's humble pop-up gallery on Thursday for what was a roaring success of a private view.

Packing out both levels of the space, people extended al fresco on to the street, while draining us of alcohol several times over.

A crowd gathered around artists Vasco Alvo and Nick D. Roberts as they took to their various homemade 'instruments' to concoct a mesmerising soundscape, those who couldn't fit in had faces pressed to glass.

Downstairs video works were the order of the eve, Faith Millin's dance-off video proved popular and a steady stream of people soaked up Sidsel Christenson's hypnotic projections, while Jack Strange's Tom Cruise montage entertained. The place was abuzz with activity and punters were happy to hang around and lap up the atmosphere.

A big thank you to Five Storey Projects for their hard work and curation.

Words by imogen Eveson



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