Tuesday, 17 March 2009



Swap shops are the way of the future, 16.03.09

Bored with your winter wardrobe? Credit crunch crushing your fashion fund?

Then if you are in London, hot-foot it to East London's Favela Chic next Thursday for the latest edition of their infamous Swap-a-rama Razzmatazz and see what you can pillage.

It's a tried and tested formula; the klaxon sounds and you frantically swap your gold spandex boob tube with your neighbour's hot pink Y-fronts (or something of that ilk...) Attendees are advised to wear clothes they don't mind never seeing again, but it's unlikely you'll wind up with a room full of Primark.

In house DJs will dish out a soundtrack of pop, soul and rock 'n' roll as you wreak sartorial havoc on each other.

Words by Imogen eveson

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