Monday, 2 March 2009

Jack Strange at Timothy Taylor and squashed wasps

Ventriloquism at Timothy Taylor Gallery features a work by Jack Strange, responsible for the Tom Cruise video delight shown at the 'Its a Mess and Probably Irreversible' show this last week.Ventriloquism is a show linking some of the 20th century's great artists alongside new and emerging talent. In this exciting and excellently curated exhibition you can see works by the likes of Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns and Pablo Picasso. The title of the show taken from a Jasper Johns piece, it exhibits works that create symbols and alter ego's to mask the author. Also exploring text and language old and new works hang along side one another in harmony. 

Jack, a graduate of London's Slade School of Art, explores that ever present beauty in the banal, but with a wonderfully captivating twist.  As is evident in his contribution to this show. Definitely making an impression we look forward to seeing what else Jack has up his sleeve.

Also worth a mention is Alistair Mackie at David Roberts. Includes a Dolls house made from 262 compressed wasps and a hornets nest, and a blanket spun from mice fur and bones that Mackie collected from Owl droppings. Nice!

Words by Chloe Bonfield

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