Thursday, 23 April 2009

Behind The Pale Blue Door

Dinner is set with mismatched crockery on chequered tablecloths sourced from vintage shops; candlelight glows and ashtrays are poised. Toys hide in corners and taxidermy birds loom from the ceiling. Ladders lead to the upper echelons of an almost life-sized doll’s house, where agile guests must pass through small cavities to reach their place settings upon tiny tables and children’s beds.

Everything is slightly off-kilter at The Pale Blue Door; the lilting tones of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley filter through softly and food is served in a friendly, low-key manner. Our host was once a chef before he turned his talents to fashion set design, thus the food is as delectable as the surrounds.

The mood shifts as the music halts and Greek drag queen extraordinaire A Man De Pet slinks into action, providing diners with an eyeful of entertainment. She busts out ‘Tina’ later in the evening, working up a storm to classic track Simply The Best and returns in a handful of other fanciful guises.

Spirited away from the outside world, The Pale Blue Door feels like London’s best-kept secret. Originally intended as a one-off weekend event, its underground success means it will carry on over the next two weekends to cater for those who missed out on the magic.

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