Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mysterious Letters is a collaboration between Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton. United by a shared ambition to post a personal letter to everyone in the world, the pair started their mission in the small village of Cushendall in Northern Ireland.

They spent 2 weeks locating and spying on villagers, finding things personal to them to write about and eventually succeeded to write 467 unique letters to every house in the town, which arrived en masse around April 14th.

Clayton and Crowe crafted each letter so that they were familiar, perky and slightly perplexing. 
Some as simple as, “Just a quick note to say that as I was passing your lovely home recently I noticed a crow land on your roof then take off again after a bit. With very best wishes from lenka + Michael.”

“We hope these beautiful unsolicited letters will prompt neighbourly discussion that will spread across the town, promoting community curiosity." Explains Lenka on her site, "The art work consists solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why.”

When compared between neighbours, no two were the same, the art stunt sent ripples of bemused confusion through the sleepy little town. The first chapter of an ongoing project, they hope to write a personal, hand-written letter to every household in the world- no mean feat! I'll be checking my post in hope.


Michael's site

Lenka's site

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