Monday, 20 April 2009

Ones To Watch: Daisuke Hiraiwa

His fascination for natural organisms is apparent, as is his knack for manipulating light. With degrees in architecture and interior and spatial design under his belt, the Tokyo born, Chelsea College of Art and Design graduate set up his own brand, g.+ and works and exhibits internationally. Long time fans of his striking work, jotta was intrigued to know more.

What first inspired your interest in spatial design / architectural art?
When I used to restore historical Japanese teahouses.

Your work seems heavily influenced by natural organisms; is this intentional?

Yes. I want to embody natural phenomena in 3D objects.

What is it about turning mundane objects like plastic cutlery into works of art that appeals to you?
I think one of my purposes is to change the fixed values in daily life into positive feelings.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m working as a freelance designer now and showing my new work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2009 in NY next month. The work is lighting design with disposable plastic spoons and toothpicks. I’m also going to deal with transparent plastic blocks like Lego for tables and chairs at 100% Design [a leading interior design festival] this year.

Does your Japanese heritage have an impact on your work?

I found great design elements in it and from world heritage as well. One of my heroes is [the popular 19th century artist] Hokusai. From him, I learned organic expression between art and design.

Equally, does living in London have an effect on it?
London encourages my creativity. It has a wide range of values and in other words, that’s a great opportunity to exchange various cultures.

Check out more of Daisuke's portfolio here.

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