Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

This grin-inducing documentary follows four heart-achingly earnest kids on their quest to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Find out how to see a special preview screening and Q&A with director Jamie Jay Johnson.

First time feature director Jamie Jay Johnson is a sucker for the lovable loser. His past short films include World Mini Golf `Championship and a film about the slowest ever Olympic swimmer. His fascination with the ultimate geek fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest began while he was stuck at home with two broken legs watching TV, including Lordi- the heavy-metal monster band from Finland winning the 2006 Eurovision.

"I've always enjoyed the spectacle and pantomime of the adult contest,” Says the
The Central Saint Martins graduate and all-round nice guy, “When I heard there was a more homemade kid's one where they wrote their own songs I was like 'why has nobody made a film about this?'"

And so began the research for Sounds Like Teen Spirit, which entailed flying around about 14 countries from Ukraine to Georgia, to Sweden and Portugal to meet all the potential entrants, “then I basically just chose my favourite four that I most wanted to hang out with."

Jamie has kindly given jotta a bunch of fantastic prizes, including tickets to the preview screening, followed by a Q&A with himself and producer, plus one of the limited edition Tatty Devine designed SLTS wristband’s and a copy of the fist-punching soundtrack.

Hand-picked by Jamie, the buoyant soundtrack includes some Eurovision legends like ABBA and Sebastien Tellier – and the added bonus of some crooners and shakers, "We did think of trying to keep it all Eurovision-y, but Roxy Music, Henri Mancini and The Singing Nun worked too well so we broadened it out a bit."

"I've known Harriet from Tatty Devine when we were on Foundation together at Central St Martins.” Jamie says of the collaboration with London pop jewellery favourites, “I've always liked Tatty Devine's work and they've sold a range of single and pairs of odd socks I made once, so when the film was ready I got them into a screening and said I'd love them to do something as a limited edition tie in with it. Luckily they really loved it and came up with the bracelet idea. They're genius's, and I think their spirit of fun and playful pop-ness goes well with the film."

We don't want to give too much away, as this is a film everyone has to see for themselves – a joyride that had me bouncing in my seat along to each song and my heart dropping with each contestants pitfall. Ans we'll save the hard questions for you at the Q&A.

To win a pair of free tickets to the preview screening and Q&A at the Ritzy next Thursday May 7th at 6.30, plus a copy of the soundtrack and one of the special Tatty Devine, 'limited edition, not for sale in the shops' Sounds Like Teen Spirit bracelets, answer this question correctly-

'Teen Band Trust from Belgium feature in the film using a special technique of pouring rice on their drums for a dramatic 'rice explosion' effect... but which country is their rice of choice (Basmati) originally from?"

Send your answer to by Wednesday May 6th to win.

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