Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Boring Journeys Effect Your Mood

By Millie Ross

jotta popped down to the week long workshop commandeered by glueLondon and onedotzero, the international festival of innovative adventures moving image, to find out what their crack teams of students had in mind to change our urban environment for the better.

glueLondon and onedotzero selected 40 graduates from across 17 creative disciplines and threw them into the Doodle Bar in Battersea for 6 days to get busy brainstorming. With daily workshops from design and creative industry mentors, the students were split into teams and briefed over the week to produce an interventionary piece that reimagines their urban environment and improving it in some was. Drawing from varying frames of reference, even basic issues like communicating an idea becamea challenge.

jotta caught up with three of the teams:

BLUE team

Members of Blue crew span disciplines of spatial design, illustration, interaction design, and come from colleges like Central Saint Martins, Camberwell College of art and Design and Middlesex.

"We went through loads of ideas, we over-analysed the ideas and actually kept coming back to this one. The creative process went in a circle.

Basically we’ve subverted the Facebook and blogging phenomenon, taking the online interaction experience physical.

It’s been hard because of our different backgrounds, and the way we approach things differently, also we only just met, the first 3 days we were all spent being over polite".

Coming from different frames of reference sometimes made it tricky, but Blue team caught on to one of Britain's favourite moaning past times- the weather!

"Our idea is trying to celebrate bad weather, coloured umbrellas float above a town square in a flock, when the weather is good they stay condensed and when it rains they follow individuals by GPS or Bluetooth. It’s playful, relaxed, homely, it’s meant to brighten up your day."



Their cross disciplinary skill set spans motion graphics, photography, graphics and illustration, "We took elements from a few different ideas."

Magenta team decided to focus on changing the environment to encourage people to be nice to others simply for the sake of it - interventions which demonstrate the mantra:

"It’s Nice To Be Nice."

Check out their blog here-



The Orange gang were looking pretty productive when we stopped by, with pairs working on an animated site, pieces of wood were being chopped and painted as miniature models of their instalation plan.

"We looked at how we see our environment, something that you walk past everyday and see but that will change constantly."

Their idea looks at patterns of the city and migration flows. With a functional property, for instance if the station is full the multi- coloured poles grow higher, people can see it online and plan their journey.

Creates an effect almost like the city is breathing, like a Mexican wave effect. We liked this one.


For more details on the week and the cascade project visit:



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