Thursday, 13 August 2009

Stories of the Eye competition

By Millie Findlay

Vice and Olympus have teamed up for a new photography project, where four ladies in the limelight use a camera to showcase hidden talents and create an interactive blog, allowing us a rare glimpse into their worlds.

Lovefoxxx's toes, Daisy's ginger boy with money, Alice and boy, Miquita's pool table shot. (Click any image to enlarge it)

In 1959, Olympus changed the face of photography with one simple idea: create a camera as easy to use and carry as a pen. Designed by renowned style guru Yoshihisa Maitani, the original Olympus Pen sold over 17 million units to become one of the most popular and trusted camera series ever. Now some of the UK's leading young women have been invited to take part in the relaunch, by choosing a theme for their own photographic blog which they'll then populate with pics taken on the new Olympus Pen.

Lovefoxxx, while renowned as the lead singer of CSS, the former illustrator and fashion assistant uses her natural creativity as she travels the world with her band. Model Daisy Lowe uses 'eye style' to take us behind the scenes of her fashionable world. Alice Dellal indulges her passion for photography, the model with the copy-cat inciting style offers us a glimpse into her life beyond the catwalk. London-based TV presenter Miquita Oliver uses 'eyeLondon" as a vehicle to take us on an insider's tour of her hometown.

Each will upload the photographs they snap on their Olympus Pens over the course of six weeks, giving us a privileged peek inside their worlds.

Mean while the public, you, us, anyone with a trigger finger, can browse through their photographs, and if they feel inspired, upload their own original snaps.

Lovefoxx, Daisy, Alice and Miquita will each judge the images uploaded within their own section, and picks their choice of images to be displayed on the website. At the end of the project each girl will chose one contributor to be displayed alongside the four celebrities in the Stories of the Eye exhibition. All the winners will also receive an Olympus E-P1, worth £699!

The exhibition will open with a typical VICE party bang, attended by industry insiders, press and special guests. Date and venue tbc.

See the story so far at theeye

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