Thursday, 13 August 2009

Fanny Bostrom

By Esther Bradley

Our favourite Swedish-turned-New Yorker has us hooked on her treasure trove blog of fabulous found artwork. And while her enchanting fairytale inks and watercolours are hung and admired in the Swanfield Boutique, we get to know a bit more of this artist as she relaxes in her hometown.
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When did you move to New York? Was it hard to establish yourself there?
I moved to New York about five years ago. I was still modelling at the time but after about two years I jumped ship. It's always hard changing careers; it takes time and hard work and a big slice of luck.

How does the art scene in New York differ from Sweden?
I've mostly been exhibiting in America. I had my first solo in Sweden in May of this year. I loved showing in Sweden since that’s where I’m from. The art scene is pretty vibrant. I love Copenhagen as well; it feels like things are happening there.

How do you support yourself as an artist? Do you sell work or get many commissions?
Well this year has been kind of bumpy, with all the economic crisis going on everywhere. I think collectors are spending less money on emerging artists right now. Although last year was quite good for me, being a new artist and all.

Why did you decide to set up your blog?
I wanted to try it out, before it was more personal, but now it's morphed more into an art blog of people’s work I admire. It inspires me, it makes me search more.

How do you find and choose the artists featured on your blog? Is there something about them that draws them together?
No, it's just artists I like, that’s all, very simple.

Tell us about your work…what are your favourite pieces and where do you find inspiration?
Well, it differs from every show. My last solo show was in Sweden, where most of the inspiration came from old fairy tales, like H.C Andersen and The Brothers Grim. Also one of my favourite books is Master and Margarita by Michael Bulgakov-that was a big inspiration too. I used a lot of found old pictures for the show - I love searching through flea markets for unusual things.

My favourite pieces I’ve made always change but I usually have a special one from every body of work. From this recent one it was "I must be one of the devil's daughters"; that was the first painting I made for the show.

What are you doing at the moment? Are you working on anything in particular?
Right now I’m at my mums place by the seaside outside of Gothenburg. I’m reading, swimming and walking in the woods, fishing for mackerel and picking mushrooms, pondering what to do next.

Peruse Fanny's blog on jotta and see more of her work here

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