Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Living Dolls

By Millie Ross

The London College of Communication team from the almighty This Is Why We Meet collaborative experiment took interaction to new levels of hilarity with Get A Life, a live platform set up on Hanbury street in London.

View video here

The installation invited the public to experiment with social participation and human dialogue using different kinds of communication and allowing people from all over the world to interact and be part of the platform. The “Humannequins”, as they dubbed their couple Emma and Joseph, were miked up to a Skype phone, so whe people stopped to look or walked past the Humannequins would often pipe up and start speaking to them. Public reactions was varied – some people were quite scared, others became engrossed in really long and quite serious conversations with them, and others just laugh!
Basically they were playing with dolls.

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