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BEAUTIFUL LOSERS reveres the inspirational energy and DIY nature of a group of artists who emerged in the early 90’s from the now notorious Alleged Gallery. Your artwork could share the walls with the films artists at the London premier.

The documentary's director Aaron Rose founded Alleged through a disenchanted backlash against the exclusive ‘ivory tower’ of the art world. From derelict shopfront to youth hang-out, the four walls of Alleged served as a make-shift home for breeding young creative spirit.

Forever on the brink of eviction, the gallery continued to pump out art shows that gave vocal chords to a street sub-culture of punks and skateboarders, kids with nothing to do except make their own kind of art in their own anti-art school way.

Five and a half years in the making, BEAUTIFUL LOSERS tells the history of the scene through 11 key artists who came together at Alleged and are now famous in their own rights. Harmony Korine, who gained recognition for writing the film ‘Kids’ at just 19 and has recently premiered his latest film, Mister Lonely at Cannes; Barry McGee, a leading graffiti artist in the subcultures of California; graphic designer Geoff McFetridge who is commissioned by Nike and Stussy, and ex-pro skater and artist Ed Templeton, founder of skateboarding company Toy Machine.

The documentary digs up old super 8 home-video, threads together indepth interviews from throughout the years, interspersed with illustrative animations, art work and early films by the artists. Towards the end of the film the artists contemplate the inevitability of emerging from the underground. Finding themselves in a popular culture and being sought after by high-profile galleries, many felt the pressure to sell out to advertising moguls-many of who were their peers in the street art scene, converted into corporate cool-hunters.

Now in their 30’s and 40’s footage of the artists in their homes and studios show a developed clarity to their individual styles, a greater appreciation of each other’s work and collaboration. Although their lives have panned out in different directions, they all share the same insight on what it means to be given a chance as a inner city kid and to express themselves as exactly that.

"It’s your duty to tell your story in a different way." Wise words from the ever-eccentric Harmony Korine.


Submit your original art work for a chance to exhibit alongside these hugely influential artists as part of the exhibition to coincide with the release of the film!

jotta have teamed up with the filmmakers who will curate a London exhibition featuring artists from the film.

Your work could be selected to exhibit alongside them, to be seen by luminaries from both the art and film worlds who will be in attendance!


BEAUTIFUL LOSERS will open exclusively at the ICA from August 7th and will be out on DVD on August 24th. 
By Esther Bradley

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