Thursday, 16 July 2009

jotta Lands at the Legion

jotta launches an ongoing residency of jotta artist exhibitions at music venue The Legion, beginning with the monochromatic, graphics and photography of jotta members Nick Morley, Eoin Ryan, and Gemma Land.

(piece by Gemma Land)

In a music and art collaboration, the Legion and jotta have joined creative forces. While the Legion provides the music, jotta will be sourcing artists for bi-monthly exhibitions. To start off this partnership, three jotta artists have been chosen for the first showing on Monday night.

Nick Morley, a London artist and illustrator, will be showing off his monochromatic illustrations alongside Irish illustrator and designer Eoin Ryan and London photographer Gemma Land.

Nick's work has been featured on the book covers of Penguin and Faber & Faber, and inside the cult illustration compendium Le Gun Magazine. Focusing on masculinity, heroism and human achievement, his work features blackly humorous images of hunters, wrestlers and bearded men.

Eoin has recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts where he studied illustration. In addition to his muted geometric illustrations, Eoin animates his drawings, with one being screened at the BFI as part of the onedotzero Adventures in Motion Film Festival.

Gemma is completing her last year at London College of Communication, Masters in Photography. Her photographs depict bourgeois and idyllic suburban real estate, and center around the origins and history of residential architecture.

Joining the trio of jotta artists will be Amy Hurst (drums), Astrud Steehouder (guitar and vocals), and Jessamine Tierney (bass and vocals)- who make up The Rayographs. The Rayographs base their songs on ideas such as the "dark blue cinematic lynchian atmospheres" and "stark impressions of strange histories." Their live performance at the Legion on Monday will coincide with the release of their new single, ‘Francis’.

Together the three jotta artists and the Rayographs will be exploring themes of darkness and dreams in the brick alcoves of the Legion, starting off a great new bi-monthly trend.

Come join us at the Private View next Monday July 20th 7pm - 10pm at The Legion.

By Emily Thomas

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